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The various things that Jareth does with the crystal balls (rolling them around his arms and in his hands and so forth) are not camera tricks or any other kind of special effect. They are actually done by choreographer Michael Moschen, who is an accomplished juggler. Moschen was actually crouched behind Bowie with his arm(s) replacing Bowie’s. Unlike a typical Muppet performance, however, he had no video screen to view his performance. In other words, his manipulations were performed completely blind.

Labyrinth (1986)


Guys, I know the fandom is kind of stressed out right now but it’s all going to be okay, I promise! Let’s all just take a second to focus on stuff we like about the show rather than what’s making us upset or freaking us out, yeah? It’s something I need to spend time doing too!

So here goes, yeah?

  • Somebody will win a Lacrosse hoodie of their choice
  • Any size, any character
  • Shipped anywhere
  • TO ENTER: Like and/or reblog this post. Only do this once. Don’t be a jerk. 
  • The winner will be contacted via ask box, so please have it open~
  • Winners are selected by random number - You all know this by now.
  • Giveaway is over on MONDAY, JULY 14th, at 11PM PST

Sound good? Good. 

It’s gonna be okay, everyone. Everything’s gonna be alright. 

As always, hoodies are here. 

And as an aside - Thank you all so much again for participating in these! It means a lot to me and I know how discouraging it can be, so thank you guys,  sincerely for sticking with me in this little project. If it were at all feasible I’d just give one to everyone. I love you. Keep trying. 


I actually wasn’t planning on doing this at all but I skipped last week entirely and now with the confirmation that our beloved BH cyclones are taking the field again, I feel like there’s no possible way I can skip this week too. 

It’s been a long, hard, heartbreaking Lacrosse-less road for the past season and I’m so excited. SO EXCITED. 

You all know the drill by now. 

  • Someone is getting a lacrosse hoodie.
  • Any size, any character. Shipped anywhere. 
  • To enter: Like and/or reblog this post. Doing both gets you entered twice. 
  • Don’t spam this. You’ll run the risk of breaking the notes making it impossible for me to generate a winning number. Also I’ll disqualify you. Don’t be a dick. 
  • Giveaway ends MONDAY, JULY 7th, at 11PM PST. The winner will be contacted at some point after that. I try to be quick but sometimes I’m slow. 

As always, hoodies are available here!

Good luck everyone!

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